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Gantt charts

Why GANTT Charts Were Banned in the First Scrum (2006)

Taking the GANTT chart into the Sprint has people look at a planning document that is absolutely wrong after the first day. At best it gobbles up a full time resource in the futile effort to keep the chart up to date. Even worse, it may lead the team to do the wrong thing and lose, i.e. a failed Sprint goes up in flames.

Story points

From "Software Estimation Without Guessing" (George Dinwiddie)

Figuring that the primary reason for estimating every two weeks was choosing how much would fit into the two weeks, we did some analysis of the data and determined that a count of the stories had as much predictive power (or a little more) than did these laborious estimates. We presented a session at the Agile 2012 Conference showing our conclusions.

The session slide is on the author's website. The slide only is not convincing though.


Dave Thomas has written Agile is Dead (Long Live Agility) in 2014. Ron Jeffries has written about Dark Scrum a lot. Both of them were the authors of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

Steve Yagge also has written Good Agile, Bad Agile in 2006.