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Software Development

Blogs and Personal Websites

Julia Evans

She explains low-level Linux concepts in an approachable way, along with cartoons.

Code Cartoons

Lin Clark is another blogger who explains technical concepts with cartoons. She is more frontend/web-focused than Julia Evans.

the morning paper

Adrian Colyer is introducing interesting Computer Science papers almost everyday.

Marc Brooker's Blog

Distributed systems and formal methods.

The Observation Deck

Bryan Cantrill is starting Oxide Computer Company. Before he was Joyent's CTO and in Sun Microsystems, where he developed DTrace.

氾濫原 [ja]

Tinkering from JavaScript to a split Bluetooth keyboard with custom firmware. [ja]

Good fictions and non-fictions.

豪鬼メモ [ja]

He was the author of Kyoto Cabinet, Tokyo Cabinet, QDBM and Hyper Estraier. He is now working on a new DBM library, Tkrzw.

山形浩生の「経済のトリセツ」 [ja]

He is a translator, critic and researcher. He translates Thomas Piketty's "Capital in the Twenty-First Century", Lawrence Lessig's "Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace" and Eric S. Raymond's "The Cathedral and the Bazaar". Yes, all of them have the same translator in Japan.

橋本 麦 - Baku Hashimoto [ja]

He is a visual artist and software developer. He writes a lot about "behind the scenes" of his projects.



I generally start from Wirecutter when I need to buy something I'm not familiar about.

nippper [ja]

Nippper is a blog about plastic models, with beautiful pictures. It introduces multiple, sometimes non-traditional ways to enjoy the hobby.

World Time Buddy

Useful for scheduling a meeting with people from different time zones.